The Andrew B. and Sara Jane Bartholomew Christensen(son) website is a work in progress. It is the compilation of work of many family genealogists who did much to research and compile data of their family and ancestors. Efforts continue to be made to verify data, to fill in the gaps, and to extend family lines. It is a family full of remarkable people who have left a heritage for their posterity to be proud of and live up to.

We hope to share with all who are connected to our lines and would appreciate any help and further information that anyone has of which we are not yet aware.

The following are links to genealogical pages with information on the family of Andrew B. and Sara Jane Christensen(son):


Christensen(son) (Andrew B) and Bartholomew (Sarah Jane)

(There were two young men named Andrew Christensen living in the same town and their mail etc. was always getting confused. Therefore, Andrew changed his name from Andrew Christensen to Andrew B. Christenson to avoid the mixup. His descendants have continued to use the "son" spelling rather than the "sen" spelling of their last name. Two of Andrew's brothers did the same thing, each inserting an initial and changing the spelling of the last name.)

Christensen (Lauritz Mathias) & Andersen (Else Katherine) - Andrew's Parents

Bartholomew (John) & Metcalf (Eliza Roxie) - Sara's Parents

Christensen (Christen) and Lauritzdatter (Karen) - Andrew's Paternal Grandparents

Christensen (Anders) and Christensdatter (Metta) - Andrew's Maternal Grandparents

Bartholomew (Joseph) and Benson (Polly) - Sarah's Paternal Grandparents

Metcalf (John Edward Sr) and Waslin (Mary) - Sarah's Maternal Grandparents


Other Sites of Interest

Metcalf - Waslin Genealogy Website - Including Family History resources for the English (Yorkshire) surnames: Bradley, Edgehill, Gill, Harrison, Herrington, Maud, Meggitt, Metcalf, Nelson, Pearson, Shaw, Thornton, Waslin

Christenson and Howells Family History Website - This website is dedicated to the genealogy and family history of Wendell Bartholomew Christenson, Sr. and Ann Francis Howells and their progenitors. Along with pedigree charts and World Connect genealogical data, multiple personal histories and associated documentation of various family members are presented, which serve as stepping stones to understanding. It is a work in progress and will be further expanded as more information becomes available. Surnames include Christenson, Christensen, Andersen, Hvid, Bartholomew, Metcalf, Benson, Waslin, Howells, Howell, Francis, Price, Evans, Hurley, Crowley, Pearce, Caddey, Caddy and others.


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