General Joseph Bartholomew (1766-1840)

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Illinois Years
McLean County
(The General lived here from 1830 to 1840)

General Joseph Bartholomew moved to McLean County, Illinois in 1830 after losing his farm in Clark County, Indiana, where he had lived from 1798 to 1830. The loss of his farm was not through any fault of his, other than to be trusting of others. In spite of his misfortune he never became bitter - just moved on with his life with his family. Joanne and I visited McLean County, Illinois in the Fall of 2001, familiarizing ourselves with the area and people, plus examining the records in the Courthouse in Bloomington and the local public library and Historical Society. We photocopied the 23 pages of the probate file of General Joseph, plus his obituary, and the marriages of McLean County from 1831 to 1855 (published by the Bloomington - Normal Genealogical Society). In addition we photocopied several local and family histories of the area.

McLean County Marriages

i. 10 February 1832 Christiana Bartholomew and Isaac Epler (A:7)
ii. 6 March 1834 George Bartholomew and Catharine Hefner (A:21)
iii. 8 June 1837 Parmela Bartholomew and Albert Dawson (A:77)
iv. 30 November 1837 Nancy Bartholomew and James Bradley (A:87)
v. 26 November 1840 Angela Bartholomew and William Merryman (B:8)
vi. 2 January 1842 William M. Bartholomew and Frances M. Goddard (B:31)
vii. 21 April 1842 James C. Bartholomew and Mary E. McNaught (B:38)
viii. 9 August 1842 Christia Ann (sic) Bartholomew and Daniel Curtis (B:44)
ix. 26 October 1848 George M. Bartholomew and Mary Flesher (B:193)
x. 10 December 1848 Martha Bartholomew and Samuel S. Wright (B:197)

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