General Joseph Bartholomew (1766-1840)

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Summary of his life

Dates Years Places Events
New Jersey Birth to age 5
Pennsylvania Expert Rifleman, Indian Fighter, Marriage
Kentucky Five children born: Joseph Jr., Sarah, Catherine, John and Mary
Farmer, trapper, Indian Fighter, Surveyor, Convey-ancer
Masonic Order?
Indiana Six children born: Amelia, Martha, Albert, Marston Clark, Elizabeth, and Christiana Peckinpaugh
First wife died (Christiana Peckinpaugh)
Second Marriage - Elizabeth McNaught
Eight children born: George McNaught, Nancy, Angela, Lucinda, Minerva, James Currie, William Milton, and Isaac
Six children died: Joseph Jr., John, Albert, Lucinda, Minerva, and Isaac
Church Attended: Presbyterian
Masonic Order
Farmer, trapper, surveyor, conveyancer, Indian Fighter
Battles: Tippecanoe, Pigeon Roost, Black Hawk, fighting Delaware Indians, etc.
Public Service: Elector, State Representative and Senator, Special Commission for choosing the new state capital at Indianapolis
Second wife died - Elizabeth McNaught
Illinois Two children died: Mary and Elizabeth
Farmer, surveyor, conveyancer
Church Attended: Presbyterian
Public Service: County Commissioner of Deeds
Masonic Order
Campaigned for William Henry Harrison
Died and buried
Total: 74 Years


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