Polly Benson Testimony

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I joined the church in 1832. I knew the prophet Joseph Smith. I cooked for him, ate at his table and worked for him, I knew him personally and I know that he was a prophet of the Lord and that the gospel is true.

I was present at the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple, I heard voices and saw beings from the other world.

While we were driven by mobs and persecuted with the saints we were protected by the Lord and rejoiced in the gospel. After the prophet was killed and at the time that the people were trying to decide who should be president of the church, we were in conference and Brigham Young got up to speak, I saw the Prophet Joseph Smith and heard his voice. Brigham Young appeared as Joseph Smith and the mantel of the Prophet fell upon Brigham Young while he was speaking. We knew then beyond a doubt that he should be president, and he was set apart at that time.

Dictated to her grandson, George M. Bartholomew Jr.

She bore this testimony to her deathbed. She died at the age of 94 years, December 19, 1912. For 80 years she was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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