William Orange Bartholomew History

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Written by a niece.

William Orange was born Saturday the 6th of September 1856, at Springville, Utah County, Utah; the ninth child of Joseph and Polly Benson Bartholomew, and was four years and seven months old when he came with the family to Warm Creek (Fayette). He was baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints on the 24th Of March, 1867 and confirmed the same day.

He was a fine young man, studying and learning all he could, also helping on the farm wherever needed.

He was up Twelve Mile with his older brothers logging when he was accidentally shot and died immediately on the twenty-fourth day of October, 1873.

The following communication was published in the “Deseret News” Fayette, Sanpete Co, Utah Oct 2s5, 1973. Editor Deseret News:
We have the painful duty to record the death of a promising young man of Fayette, Bro. William Bartholomew, who came to his death in the following manner. While himself, his three brothers, John Bartholomew, the presiding officer of Fayette, and Joseph Bartholomew Jr. and George Bartholomew, also James Mellor Jr. were up twelve Mile Creek Canyon, logging; the rest of the boys coming with their teams and logs. William Bartholomew was carrying two guns loaded, an axe, etc, and while in the act of setting down the guns and axe, one of the guns accidentally went off and shot him dead, the ball entering just below the right nipple, ranging upwards toward the left shoulder. He fell and never spoke after, or knew what hurt him. It happened about 3 o’clock in the afternoon of October 24th about 2 ½ miles above Bro. H. H. Kearns saw mill. Bro. William was a fine promising young man, loved and respected by all who knew him, and the sad accident has thrown a gloom over the whole town of Fayette, as it is the first that has occurred to any of the citizens of the place. He was 17 years old the 6th of last September. It is a heavy stroke for his parents and family. It is intended to bury him tomorrow, and Bishop Horne is expected to attend the funeral service.
James Mellor (Des. News 22-629).

This was a very sad time for his family as he was one of the youngest of the family and such a shock to have him leave so full of life and vigor and to have him returned dead. He was greatly missed.

The family could never talk about him, such sadness filled their hearts.

He was endowed 29th of Jan. 1896.


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