Joseph Bartholomew, Sr. and
Polly Benson Family

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Family Group Sheets
Family Group Sheet for Joseph Bartholomew and Polly Benson
JB & PB Family Group Portrait

General Family Histories and Stories
The Family of Bartholomew History
History of Joseph Bartholomew and His Ancestors
The Benson Family Story
Bartholomew Home (Picture)
Bartholomew Coat of Arms

Joseph Bartholomew, Sr.

Joseph Bartholomew History - by Granddaughter Ella Grace Bown
Joseph Bartholomew Testimony
Jospeh Bartholomew Gravestone
Jospeh Bathrolomew Printed Envelope

Polly Benson

Polly Benson History - by Ella Grace Bown
Polly Benson History - by Julia Bartholomew Ercanbrack (granddaughter)
Polly Benson History - by Mary Bartholomew Stewart
Polly Benson Testimony
Polly Benson's Bible
Polly Benson Bartholomew and Her Weaving Skills

General Joseph Bartholomew (grandfather to Joseph Bartholomew)
About the Research
Charted Life Summary
Illinois Life
Documentation Summary
Interviews of Family and Friends
Chronology of the Life of General Joseph Bartholomew
Annotated Table of Contents

Mary Keziah Bartholomew (daughter to Joseph and Polly Bartholomew)
Mary Keziah Bartholomew History

James Orson Bartholomew (son to Jospeh and Polly Bartholomew)
James Orson Bartholomew History

Willian Orange Bartholomew (son to Jospeh and Polly Bartholomew)
William Orange Bartholomew History

Electa Benson Bartholomew (Polly Benson's sister; second wife to Jospeh Bartholomew, Sr.)
Electa Benson Bartholomew History

Alvah Benson (Polly Benson's brother)
Alvah Benson HIstory


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